Bug List

2008-04-22 01:51:33 AM
Here is the list of known bugs of Borland C++ (5.02) compiler :
1) floating points : long double constants are considered as double
static long double a= 240.0L;
static long double b=60.0L;
static long double res1;
static long double res2;
res1 = a/b;
res2 = a/60.0L;
res1 is at the end different from res2
2) templates problems : compiler don't understand when templates are
generated from another module so the segment access code will not be
generated as is. (resulting in violation fault in some cases)
3)Incremeantal linker is quite buggy (don't use)
4)The compiler becomes quite buggy when obj files reached the size of 1MO
5)Alignment is quite buggy : same simple code with two different alignment
results in crash (align 4) and no crash (align 1 - byte)
6)RTL is buggy (allocation : see borland information)
7)BIDS is very buggy (list seems to be long)
8)OWL is buggy : example of bug : see \examples\classes\docview . start the
application then "new" : a list of views/document appears. shutdown
application while this popup is on the screen ==>system crash