[ANN]: microOLAP Packet Sniffer SDK 3.0 for Windows

2006-07-12 01:53:59 PM
We're glad to announce the new version 3.0 of the Packet Sniffer SD, the
Gigabit network compatible development suite for network packet capture in
Windows OS family environment.
>>>What's new in the version 3.0:
- Version 3.x is much faster than 2.x, also it requires much less system
resources necessary for synchronization of PSSDK internal driver and user
application working under any Windows NT family OS (NT/2K/XP/2K3/Vista);
- An application compiled with version 3.x will work without recompilation
under Win95, Win98, WinMe, WinNT 4.0, Win 2000, WinXP , WinXP x64, Win2003,
and Win2003 x64;
- Version 3.x has the functions set for work with NDIS library, that allows
to use vendor-defined network devices extensions. This allows you to develop
hardware-specific applications in partnership with network hardware vendor;
- All problems, which you might face due to using of an application user
some "registry cleaners", will never appear again;
- Conflicts with some antiviruses, personal firewalls, and other security
software, are workarounded;
>>>Version 2.x plans:
We'll support this branch until July 10, 2007 without adding new features,
i.e. we'll try to fix bugs (if any), but we haven't plans to add new
functions to this version. After July 10, 2007 this major version will be
>>>Version 3.0 plans:
- Support of IPv6 in TCP sessions assembling processes;
- Static mode of the PSSDK drivers loading: it will help to create
applications for users with non-admin rights;
- Components for work with CAP files;
- Support of loopback traffic capturing for Windows Vista (IPv4/IPv6);
- Support of IA64 (Itanium 64).
For PSSDK detailed changelog, examples, and downloads please refer to the
product page: microolap.com/products/network/pssdk/
Best regards,
Edward Smirnov
microOLAP Technologies LTD