ANN: ThemeEngine 3.5.8 just released

2003-08-27 11:30:54 PM
We're happy to announce that ThemeEngine version 3.5.8 just released.
ThemeEngine is an VCL library that allows you to change almost any aspect of the visual appearance your project's forms, menus, standard and extended controls, messages, hints and more. ThemeEngine provides you application full themes support. Includes ThemeEditor powerful tools for create your own themes. Full support of Microsoft ThemeAPI.
+ Powerful theming engine
+ Set of building themes like OfficeXP and Flat
+ Themes hue and brightness changes - best way to get more themes
+ Run-Time and Design-Time theme changing
+ Store theme's data in compiled project
+ Includes ThemeEditor powerful tools for create your own themes
+ Custom theme format support by using custom I/O filters
+ Open API for theming thirdparty components with easy to use intrface
+ Over 70 families of animation and transition effects with hundreds of variations
+ Advanced forms includes gravitation, blending and cool featured system buttons
+ Advanced menus with theme's support
+ Tab and page controls with theme's support
+ Button, checkbox, scrollbar, trackbar, panel, groupbox with theme's support
+ Edit, combobox, listbox, radiogroup, spinbutton, speedbutton with theme's support
+ Hint and message dialog with theme's support
+ Controlbar and toolbar with theme's support
+ Grids with theme's support
+ Component and Menus conversion tools
+ MDI Support
+ Full support Windows XP ThemeAPI
+ Full compatibility with Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Me and NT 4.0 without requiring a recent version of COMCTL32.DLL
For more information about ThemeEngine and download trials and/or demos version, please, visit
Thank you for your time.