ANN: Newsgroups for most TurboPower open source libraries

2003-09-10 09:59:14 AM
TurboControl Systems (previously known as Breneman Labs) has made
available newsgroups for the users of most of TurboPower's open source
It is our belief that while SourceForge.Net is a great place to host the
actual library code, the support newsgroups should be hosted on a
reliable system similar to the old TurboPower newsgroups. Our web page
and newsgroups are hosted by Defined.Net, voted the 2003 winner for best
Delphi web host by the readers of Delphi Informant magazine.
We hope these support newsgroups will help to keep these libraries an
active part of the Delphi community. Please participate and enjoy! has more information and links.
Paul Breneman