ANN: Absolute StartUp manager 3.0 optimizes your autostart along with your PC life.

2003-10-07 08:29:31 PM
F-Group Software is glad to announce the release of Absolute StartUp
3.0 (developed in Delphi), a multifunctional autostart manager for
Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP with new additional settings for program
Along with Windows start we get not only the operating system running,
but also our favorite and not so favorite programs: ICQAgent ("Is
there a way to get it out of here?"), MSNMessanger ("Is it possible at
all?"), WimAmp ("Music is OK, but it is all gone long ago!"), that
shareware stuff ("If only there were an option for turning it off.")
Even having set up the desired configuration once, time comes for
installing new programs. And those new programs declare themselves
indispensable, and without even thinking that the user can do without
them very well, they add themselves to the autostart process. But
which one knows better what and when we need - a program or we?
Absolute StartUp manager was developed especially for controlling all
the autostart programs. Once you install Absolute StartUp, you become
the master over your computer. Now you are able to control and edit
the current configuration, add and remove programs, cancel their start
without deleting them altogether.
I hear you say: "Every startup manager can do that", and you would
have been right, if only...
Absolute StartUp didn't follow the changes in the autostart settings
and didn't inform you about them
It couldn't view, launch and stop the programs
It didn't have a Smart Recycle Bin - a special bin with the deleted
programs allowing to restore, delete them completely or clear the bin
Absolute StartUp didn't present new options for starting programs:
Day-specific program start (at weekends or on weekdays)
Program start at a certain time
Autostart with a delay
Start after another program
Start upon establishing Internet connection
You couldn't cancel the start of the program at Windows startup by
holding down only one key.
Using these features of Absolute StartUp, you can optimize you system
in the most appropriate way. You can set various configurations for
weekdays and weekends - "at least today I won't see that compiler!" -
or for certain days - "once a week we have a meeting and I can't fail
to get this document ready for it". You can schedule an ICQ session or
a rest after half an hour work in a high-way race. It's easy to switch
to a different occupation with only one program launch as the rest of
the programs will follow automatically. And yes - do not forget to
check the e-mail, once you get on-line anyway!
Absolute StartUp makes it all possible, that's why it is a little bit
more than just a powerful startup manager. But that "little bit" will
save you much more time and power.
Install Absolute StartUp now and you will see how it helps you to
optimize your system along with your PC life.
Absolute StartUp costs only $24.95 and may be ordered from F-Group'
web site at You can download a free trial
version of Absolute StartUp from the same address. For more
information about Absolute StartUp, contact F-Group, E-mail: