net application

2005-07-18 10:48:30 PM
Hi All,
this message was skipped in .students newsgroup , so I took a risk of
posting it here...
I am starting to transfer my application (CBuilder 6.0) towards the
support of the network. Since I am very new in this business I will
appreciate any advise.
Application controls some hardware in a time critical manner. Let call
it server. Server does: execute commands, acquire data (asynchronously),
+transfer data on request (let say 0.5Mb every hour),
+inform about current state and report errors (not too frequently).
The idea is to write client which will look exactly like current
application but manage hardware remotely.
which components to use (Indy ?)
which protocol and port better to use ?
what is better: to keep connection alive or poll server periodically?
Related question what to do with errors, sending of which have to be
initiated by server.
some hints for developing of the protocol - string-base or binary form ?