What a redunance of actions classes name

2005-06-17 03:05:58 AM
I am losting patient about the ActionManager and its relative components
now. I fixed the problem that it randly disable the menuitem. But now I
just want to disable a whole set of actions which in same category, It turns
out a nightmare to learn all those hidious Action class name( spend whole
morning already and still have heart attack on those names)
TActionClient : Can you image that This class is a container of
TClientAction : What the hack of this one ? No document
TActionClients : do not think it is a collection of TActionClient, actually
it is a colloection of another TActionClients.
TActionList : you think it is samilar to TActionClients ? no, totally wrong!
TActionClientItem : and what is this one compare to the TActionClient ? what
the reason made this seperated from TActionClinet?
TContainedAction : again so confused with the TActionClient
TAction : what the reason made this seperated from TActionItem, and
TActionClient or TClientAction ?
confusing confusing and confusing
Just want to simply to disable the menuitem, (Include the category name on
TActionMainMenuBar) then I found so many Action Classes that seems a bunch
of ants biting me! :)