Where's my Component Palette!?

2003-11-05 11:34:53 PM
I had purchased Teach Yourself Borland C++ Builder in 21 Days, an
older version, from Amazon, and it included Borland C++ Builder
version 4. This program is letting me build GUI apps, and it has a
convenient Component Palette that lets me drag components onto a form,
and write code for the components -- very much like Visual Basic.
So I went to Borland's Web site, and paid for the CD of Borland C++
Build X (the Personal edition). I just installed it, and I don't see
any way to create forms, and there is no components palette.
A double-check of the Borland Web site, which I find very confusing,
suggest that maybe there is a *separate* product, Borland C++ Builder,
not Builder X -- but that seems to be only available in an Enterprise
edition, which I'm sure is very pricey.
All I want is a someone more up-to-date version of the compiler/IDE I
already have -- that is, an update from the Version 4 product that
came with my book -- that still has the simple, straightforward tools
for building a GUI app. Is it hidden somewhere in the C++ Builder X
app that I just paid for ($10 for the product, $12 shipping and
handling). Or is it only to be found in the Borland C++ Builder,
Enterprise Edition, which I'm sure I can't afford?
Please, someone steer my in the right direction. In the product I
have, I can't even find something that says "New ->Form", let alone
find a component palette. (Do I need to go to E-bay and obtain
Borland C++ Builder 5!?)
Thanks in advance for all replies.
Steve O.
Standard Antiflame Disclaimer: Please don't flame me. I may actually *be* an idiot, but even idiots have feelings.