[Linker Error] Error processing module ...\CBUILDER6\LIB\DCLACT.LIB|ActnMenus

2005-08-10 05:04:14 AM
Hi there,
Since a few days, when linking a project (using F9) the following error
sometimes appears:
[Linker Error] Error processing module C:\PROGRAM
-When i perform a full build there are no errors.
-I have 'Don't generate state files' checked (otherwise the linker causes an
exception almost all the time for some projects).
-This error appears for multiple projects (projects that have worked fine
for months) and only for the above lib file.
-Deleting the *.il? files solves the problem but is a pain.
-As far as i know i'm not using any components in ActnMenus
Is this lib file damaged ?
BCB 6 (SP 4, linker 5.66)