Type Library Editor has Disappeared!

2006-11-28 09:24:59 AM
I'm using BCB5 Ent. with Update Pack 1. I don't have the Type Library
Editor option in my View menu and I also don't have the Library Files option
in the File->Open dialog. I have resumed work on an existing project which
made fairly extensive use of the Type Library Editor so I know I had it
available on this machine at some time in the last year! I desparately need
to make some changes to the libray - how can I get the type library editor
Is there an IDE package I have to install, or do I have something missing
from the Known IDE Packages registry key. Does anybody know which .bpl
contains the Type Library Editor? I've tried running a 'Registry Only'
re-install of BCB5 to no avail. I've searched high and wide through the
newsgroups and Internet but to no avail.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.