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BDS2006 projects forget "requires" dependencies

2006-09-22 08:59:55 AM
I have a project group that contains a runtime package and a design-time
package. The runtime package is compiled first, then the design-time
package. The design-time package seems to require the runtime package in
order to link (this was not the case in BCB6). So, I added the runtime
package to the design-time package's "requires" list. I then saved the
projects/group, and everything built fine.
Now if I close and re-open the project group, the runtime package is no
longer in the requires list for the design-time package! The IDE seems to
want to remove it. These projects are very simple, just one or two files
each, and were converted from existing BCB6 projects. What's interesting
is, in BCB6, the runtime package is not listed in the "requires" list, and
yet it builds fine. But in BDS, it won't link without it, but the IDE won't
keep it -- it's very frustrating.
Anybody know what's going on? Is this a known bug in the BDS IDE?
- Dennis

Re:BDS2006 projects forget "requires" dependencies

If the projects are simple, try re-creating one from scratch (create new BDS
project and add files) instead of letting BDS do the automatic conversion.
There have been messages on this list and the Migration newsgroup that
indicate that it is better to re-create than to convert. I have converted
some complex projects, and I've had some problems that I've had to figure
out and manually modify the project files, but the problems are not the same
as yours, so I can't help with that specific problem.
"Dennis Jones" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message

Anybody know what's going on? Is this a known bug in the BDS IDE?