Re: performance issue between TCP and UDP

2003-07-14 11:48:38 PM
its true.
UDP does not perform ACK of data received at the other end.
in other words the os does not keep a stack of packet clusters to
wait for an ACK to be returned thus the the packets are sent on their
mary way and the socket system assumes nothing hence faster..
TCP will assure that the packets are received.
Dumboo wrote:
Hi there,
I was just expecting some opinion about the performance issue between TCP
and UDP

i need to create one application, where the accuracy of data is not
necessary, but the speed of transmission is, i have worked a bit with both
of them(mostly TCP)

the theorotical part says, that TCP is connection oriented which is
responsible for actually checking and acknowledging the data(hence slow)
where as UDP is connection less hence much faster

i wanted to ask whether this holds true even for today, cause when these
protocols were created speed was something to be concern with, buth is this
true for today....(for a 33.6kbps and for Megabit n/w)