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ATL compilation error in BCB 6 ?

2004-08-25 07:00:12 PM
Are there anyone out threre that has had problems with ATL when
switching to BCB 6 from BCB 5?
I get a compile-error indicating that nSize i multiply defined in
It compiled fine in BCB 5, and there are no changes made in the source
code or in atl.
I solved it by changing the parameter name in the constructor for
CBookMark in atldbcli.h, but it seems strange that i should be forced to
change in the atl-heder files.
Regards Lars

Re:ATL compilation error in BCB 6 ?

Wrong newsgroup. Your message is about C++ Builder but is posted here
in the newsgroup for the old Borland C++ compiler. For best results
post C++ Builder messages in C++ Builder newsgroups, groups with the
word 'cppbuilder' in their name.