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removing projects

2005-10-12 11:04:53 PM
Under Borland C++ 4.52 how do you ever remove a whole project??? I'm trying
to tidy all my projects, but cannot do this simple thing or find anything
obvious or in the help. I can delete all the nodes but not the top level.
When I delete the ide file manually, Borland recreates it! I just cannot get
rid of it. Anyone tell me how??

Re:removing projects

(I assume you mean, remove a project from a project group?) It can be
done manually. Delete the project file and then open the project group
file in Notepad and delete the section about that project (and the name
of the project may be elsewhere in that file as a sort of index list of
what projects exist in the group, so delete other references to it
I can't remember, but there may be at least one other file you need to
edit - just search the folder for files containing the name of your
project and open them and edit them. All the project-related files are
usually completely hand-editable and you should be able to figure out
what you need to remove from each one.
Sorry I haven't got a more high-tech, simple solution :)