De{*word*81} TurboC

2007-11-20 04:50:02 PM
Dear all,
I have to work with the very old Turbo C, Version 2.0 of 1988. Unfortunately
I'm not able to watch the values of the variables while I'm running the
programm step by step. When the programm is stopped, I go up to the point
'De{*word*81}' in the main menue and on 'EVALUATE' afterwards (<CTRL F4>).
A blue window opens with 3 boxes : 1.Evaluate, 2. Result and 3. New value.
The help window shows me the following:
enter a C-expression in the evaluate box. The corresponding value will be
shown in the result box. For single elements such as i, a[i], *p or x.a, a
new value can be entered in the new value box.
I just type in a variable, for example 'n' and in the result box appears:
"undefined symbol 'n' ", although the varable is defined!
Could somebody pls. help me??
Thanks and regards