ActiveX component gives error

I'm not an activeX programmer, so I hope someone can help me with this. I
got an .ocx file from another company, which they claim works in Visual
Basic 6.0. I am trying to import it into C++ Builder 4.0 Pro.

The IMPORT ACTIVEX CONTROL option worked fine. The control
loaded/compiled/installed on my ActiveX palette. I can even read the created
source files/headers and see the properties/methods/events there which I
expect. However, when I try to place it onto a standard form, a dialog box
appears with the following error:   OLE error 800A0153.

The error is identical each time, and nothing is placed on the form after I
clear the dialog box.

I can install and use other ActiveX controls with no problem--it's only this
one which gives the error.

Thank you for any suggestions or solutions.


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