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Apro 3.01 - BCB5 linker complaints

Just installed APRO 3.01 for BCB5.  When I open an older project and
compile, the linker complains  it is unable to open (find) A258_R41.LIB.

I removed the reference to this in the SPARELIBS sections of the makefile,
but I still get the error message...  I can't find any reference to this lib
anywhere else.

I couldn't find any FAQs on Turbopower's web site for this - surely there
are others with the same problem.  How can I fix this?



Re:Apro 3.01 - BCB5 linker complaints

Mike, try deleting all temporary files ( *.il?, *.csm, *.#??, *.tds ).
Also, make sure to modify the .bpr file outside of the IDE ( with
project closed ).


Mike Knoblock wrote:


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