Multi Language applications/reports with C++Builder 5

Lingscape today announced that MultLang Suite 3 now completely
supports C++Builder 5. MultLang Suite is a complete package to enable
the developer to create localized and multi language software and
reports with high quality:

The most interesting new feature is the hard coded string isolation
wizard that will help the developer extract strings from their source
code (both Pascal and C++ source code) and move them into string

This package also includes a leverage feature for the ITE (Integrated
Translation Environment) found in the enterprise edition of C++Builder
5. This mean that you can now upgrade your international applications
with more features and markets.

Lingscape have summarized the advantages you will get working with
MultLang Suite compared to ITE and other third party competitor tools:

For more information and to download free trial packages, please visit
Lingscape's Web site:

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