TStringList property error!


I have a form component for which i have created an expert. I would like to
create a property of TStrings which i can edit in a dialog box i.e TQuery
SQL property. I have already made the property with the following code (see
below). The editor comes up fine, and i can write several lines. My problem
is, that when i run my test program, it comes up with an error saying,

"EReadError with message 'Error reading frmTest->MhExclEnter.Strings,
Invalid property path"

There is a string in the test form's .DFM file that says,

MhExclEnter.Strings = (

But that is sopposed to be there. I am writing a form class wich has a
wizard, and the wizard generates all the files when i create a new form
from Object Repository. So after creating a testform i edit the MhExclEnter
property which brings up a fine editor, and after editing, the form
automatically saves the value in the .DFM file. Otherwise it wont hold the
string values the next time my project is opened. If i manually remove the
above string from the .DFM file, the code can run, but my saved value
'DBGrid1' is not loaded into the property. If you see how the SQL property
of a TQuery is saved in the .DFM file there is no difference except that the
TQuery is a component lying on a form, and my component is the form. So why
is BCB4 saying "EReadError, Invalid property path

Best regards,

Jakob Petersen

In my header,

. . .
  TStrings *FExcludeComp;
  void __fastcall SetStrings(TStrings *);
. . .
. . .
  __property TStrings *MhExclEnter = {read=FExcludeComp,write=SetStrings};
. . .

In my Cpp file,

__fastcall TMhForm::TMhForm(TComponent* Owner)
        : TForm(Owner)

. . .

FExcludeComp = new TStringList();
. . .


void __fastcall TMhForm::SetStrings(TStrings *Value)