Catching key-press event in AX-control within I.E.


I am trying to write a simple editor using BCB4. When I use the editor
in Internet Explorer the backspace key causes I.E. to show the previous
page. Of course I do want this to happen; the backspace should backspace
over the previously typed character. I have the same problem with the
arrow keys: they don't move the cursor in the editor, it scrolls the
whole page within I.E.

This backspace-behavior does not occur when there is no page to go back

My question: I do not know a lot about ActiveX, but I'm getting the
impression that I.E. catches the events. How do I make sure my ActiveX
control catches the "key-being-pressed-event"?

Using OnKeyPress does not work: it does *not* cause an event on

Thank you,

Thomer M. Gil (
Integral Knowledge Utilization B.V.