Merging Menus to main Application Menu


I am having some difficulty merging menus from other forms into the main
application form.  What I am trying to do is give my application an
outlook style.  In the client area of the main form, I place other forms
parented to the main form.  The problem is these child forms border
style is set to bsNone, but they all have menus.  I have tried to set
the AutoMerge in each child form, but that does not work.  I also have
tried to explicitly use the main forms mainmenu->Merge function to merge
the other forms menues into this main menu.  But only one will merge.
For example, in my OnShow of the main form I do the following:

  DCLV_Main->Items->Item[0]->Data = FM_Account;
  DCLV_Main->Items->Item[2]->Data = FM_Tasks;

With these above statements, only the FM_Tasks menu is merged with the
main menu.  If I remove the merge for the FM_Tasks, then the FM_Account
menu is merged.  It seems that it only whats to merge one of the two.  I
have made sure that the group index is 1 for FM_Account and 2 for

I just can't seem to get this to work.  Please any and all help is
greately appreciated.