Synchronize with main VCL thread

Hello All

I have a question regarding using database vcl components in a console
application. My application is multythreaded. On application startup
main thread creates 8 connections to the Informix database ("new"
TDatabase, TSession and TQuery 8 times. DatabaseName, SessionName e.t.c
set correctly.) to speed up farther work. Then main thread listen a
socket and on incoming connection recv data and trying to execute SQL
Query. If i don't use Synchronize method, i have an error "General SQL
error. Connection does not exist.". Why ?
Now my threads not TServerClientThread's but just "_beginthread" threads
(i migrated from GUI to console having a goal to increase my application
execution speed. Also i use SOCKET, not something like
"TCustomWinSocket"). So in an application I don't have at least one a
TServerClientThread object with Sinchronize method. TQuery methods like
Prepare, ExecSQL e.t.c. work fine if "Sinchronize" them. Should i create
one dummy TServerClientThread (with Sinchronize method) in an
application or it is another, more clear, way to use database objects in
a multythreaded application ? It's possible to create a connection to
the database in each thread, but it takes time which i don't have.

Please, tell me if You have any ideas regarding my situation.