QR 2.0->16-bit bitmaps get printed in B/W (please help)

Hello, All

When I wanted to print some 16-bit digital photos with QuickReport 2.0, I
came across a problem that I haven't been able to solve myself. In QR1, color
problems could be solved by saving the images as bitmaps and then loading
them directly onto the canvas of the TImage. With the new QRImage this
doesn't work anymore->only 8- bit and 24-bit images get printed in color,
16-bit bitmaps come out in black and white (without grayscale). For JPEG
decompression I am using the MWA JPEG component, version 1.5 regged, but the
16-bit temporary bitmap I store in the process seems to be OK. My question
is: how do I convert my JPEG's, or else my bitmaps, from 16- to 24- bit
images, apart from doing it manually (in total, the number of images will be
around 45,000).

Thanks in advance for any info,

Sietze Dijkstra
WOZ-Support BV
The Netherlands

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