can't use functions on a form that calls a dll

2006-06-23 04:38:50 AM
here is my problem
i have a main form "MasterForm" and included in it's project is a
"Tables" which is a datamodule.
now i can successfully load a dll and use properties on this "Tables"
by passing a reference to it from main
here is the code in my dll
LoginFormT = new TLoginFormT(Owner);
LoginFormT->Master = Master;
LoginFormT->Table = Table;
as i say the following works
but as soon as i try to run a Function
i get the following
[Linker Error] Unresolved external '__fastcall TTables::DoAudit(const
System::AnsiString, const System::AnsiString, const
System::AnsiString)' referenced from D:\WESSEL\SCIPOS AS
what do i do