ANN: SMImport suite v2.06 for Delphi/C++Builder

2004-04-27 02:55:38 AM
New mahor version of SMImport for Delphi/C++Builder 2.06 released.
SMImport for Delphi&C++Builder is a native VCL component suite for data
importing into dataset from external files of different formats.
The current version supports the import from:
1. MS Excel spreadsheet (directly without OLE/DDE)
2. text delimited file
3. text fixed width file
4. XML file (directly without XML DOM interfaces, compartible with
TClientDataset and SMExport formats)
5. HTML file
6. MS Access database (using DAO/MS Jet)
7. MS Word document
8. Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet
9. QuattroPro spreadsheet
10. Paradox table
11. DBase table
12. any ADO connection
13. some dataset component
Also SMImport suite contains the TSMIWizardDlg compound component with
visual dialog for import parameters setting (like wizard in MS Office).
With this component you can control a process of data importing in the one
place and add a powerful feature for your end-users. You may specify any
end-user restrictions in the wizard dialog.
Import is available for any dataset that is inherited from TDataset class
(ADO, IBX, BDE, dbExpress, DAO, DOA, IBObjects, DBISAM, Flash Filer,
Advantage, Halcyon etc).
Available the multilanguage resource files for the next languages:
- english
- french
- german
- dutch
- italian
- swedish
- danish
- norwegian
- spanish
- portuguese
- brazilian portuguese
- greek
- russian
- ukrainian
- romanian
- polish
- slovenian
- turkish
- traditional chinese (BIG5)
- simplified chinese (GB).
Short list of new features in current release:
- loading from streams for most formats
- changes in direct Excel parser (speed, unicode support, read named ranges,
old STRING3-tags etc)
- changes in expression parser (new functions, date-time processing from any
defined format)
- possibility to read the details from MS Access database (indexes,
relations/foreign constraints, field attributes etc)
- modified direct parser for Paradox. Now large fiels supported
- fast processing for SkipIf/LoadWhen conditions
- modified xml-parser and now more xml-formatings processed by default
- extended OnLocate event. Useful for large files in Update or Append/Update
import modes where you may implement own mechanism for search (corresponded
- possibility ro use wizard for specification definition only without real
import. Same feature used in design-time of Delphi/IDE (see context
- any custom record separator in text files (useful if text file contain
lines with different record structure)
- help file for end-users (how to use functions in parser and Expression
- new demo projects
- and more minor changes (plain text for any spreadsheet like
excel/lotus/quattropro/paradox etc, spaces in expressions for parser...)
Now you can download from site a trial package for Delphi 3/4/5/6/7 and/or
C++Builder 3/4/5/6. The demo application and help file is available too.
You may use the trial version for 30 days with IDE running only. If after 30
days you would like to continue using it, then you should purshase a
Online you can order a product at:
USA: <>
Europe: <>