ANN: kbmMW v. 2.50.00 Enterprise, ProPlus and Standard Edition in public beta!

2005-02-11 11:45:00 PM
Components4Developers is proud to announce the latest version of our Enterprise level multi tier application server
We have now split the framework up in several SKU's:
- Enterprise
- ProPlus
- Pro
- Standard
- Freeware
Current kbmMW v2.0x license holders will automatically be upgraded to kbmMW v. 2.50.00 ProPlus Edition without cost!
Whats then new?
Lots and lots! Some pins:
- Support for Delphi 2005 for Win32 AND .Net
The .Net port is fullfeatured! That means that its possible to make advanced application servers and n-tier
clients for .Net including database, messaging, failover, loadbalancing and more (depending on SKU.
- Support for Windows Performance Monitor (Enterprise Edition).
Monitor the health of your application servers. Monitor transports, connection pools, caches, turnaround, services,
Easily add your own custom measurement points if required.
- Bundled C# and Java native code RPC clients (Enterprise Edition).
C# client is Compact Framework compatible.
- Even further optimized performance (all SKUs)
- New database adapters: SDAC3, NativeDB (Pro, ProPlus and Enterprise Editions).
Now 33 easy to use database adapters are bundled!
- Full support for loadbalancing on messaging transports. (ProPlus and Enterprise Edition)
- Loadbalancer teaching and learning support (ProPlus and Enterprise Edition)
- Persistent message file store (Enterprise Edition)
kbmMW Enterprise Edition is designed for 100%!! uptime for use in critical areas where downtime is not an option!
Our SKU's have at the same time been repriced:
Standard Edition : US$99/named developer
Pro Edition : US$299/named developer or US$2800/city site license
ProPlus Edition: US$389/named developer (but only available for purchase few days more!!!)
Enterprise Edition: US$499/named developer or US$4900/city site license
Where will you find kbmMW based applications?
Charity organizations
Production and manufacturing
Schools (incl. teaching of n-tier technology)
Off and on shore oil industry
Internet Service Providers
Human Ressource
Hotels and Conference
Governmental agencies
and lots of other places
If they can trust kbmMW for their highly sensitive core apps, so can you!
What scale?
kbmMW is used in everything from single user to large scale, world spanning setups with thousands of users.
What sensitivity level?
The installations range from unsecure, low focus installations to installations that are highly secure and require
extremely high (100%) uptime.
In other words downtime is not an acceptable option!
Check out kbmMW at
Currently kbmMW can be used in Delphi 5/6/7, Delphi 2005/Win32, Delphi/.Net, Borland C++ Builder 6, Kylix 3, Java,
VS.Net (no wizards available)
best regards
Kim Madsen
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