ANN: kbmMemTable v. 5.02 released

2005-10-06 03:14:44 AM
(Followup set to borland.public.delphi.thirdpartytools.general)
kbmMemTable is the premier in memory dataset for Delphi, Kylix, C++Builder on Windows, Linux and .Net platforms.
Its open source and use an infoware license.
Infoware means the software is free aslong users send an email stating that they are using it and for what purpose to
Whats new in v. 5.02 5. Oct. 2005
New stuff:
- Added GotoNearest method.
- Fixed A/V in PopulateField for WideString field types. Fixes for example
filtering and locating on widestring fields. Problem reported by several.
- Fixed Widestring fields in .Net.
- Fixed 'List out of bounds' when Rollback leaves no records.
- Fixed implementing check for invalid values in calls to CurrToBCD.
Now the precision will at least be decimals after comma + 1 digit.
- Fixed using ixCaseInsensitive and ixDescending in CreateIndex. Before
The wrong field lists where referenced. Now the current indexed field
list is used.
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Kim Madsen
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