ANN: MiniSQLBackup 2.6.1 released

2004-09-24 12:47:21 AM
yohz Software is proud to announce release 2.6.1 of MiniSQLBackup.
MiniSQLBackup is a tool to generate compressed backups directly from
SQL Server. You can then restore databases directly from these compressed
backup files.
Changes in this version:
- Added new compression algorithm that is faster and consumes less CPU
cycles at the expense of a larger file size.
- Added option to copy the backup files to one or more secondary folders
upon completion of backups. Target folders may be on local or remote
- Added option to save log files to a secondary location, by folder name or
file name.
- Added more information to log file, including size of backup data,
compressed data size and compression rate.
Bugs fixed:
- #ENG002: Wrongly rejected RESTORE command when used with MAILTO option.
You can download a 21-day evaluation version from
or a free Lite version from
Peter Yeoh
Need smaller SQL2K backups? Use MiniSQLBackup Lite, free!