Installing Help files into Delphi 7

2006-02-16 07:53:08 PM
For people who have had problems installing component help
files into Delphi 7 here is the correct procedure:
This fixes a problem with F1 not working in the IDE editor.
Delphi 6 and 7 introduced a new file (xxx.als) which is required
by the IDE to find out which classes are in the WinHelp system.
Due to a bug in Delphi 7, when it starts it checks the help
directory to find which *.als files are present. Unfortunately
Delphi 7 then tries to load the file from the "projects" directory
rather than the "Help" directory.
So the correct approach is to copy the xxx.als file into BOTH
directories and it will work.
The format of the xxx.als file for Delphi 6 was:
For Delphi 7 this seems to have been broken so that you also
need to provide:
Once this has been created, the xxx.als file can be copied as above
and the Delphi 7 F1 help will work correctly. Using separate xxx.als
files helps your customers by making it easier to remove your help
file from the system by just removing the xxx.als file and associated
xxx.hlp and xxx.cnt files.
The good news is that GenHelp now creates these files automatically
for you. Updates are available on the web site or by performing a
"Check for Updates" on the Help menu.
HTH Pete
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