MI5 Persecution: Do they fear truth? 3/10/95 (3542)

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Subject: Re: What it's like to be watched by the security services
Date: 3 Oct 1995 15:38:20 GMT
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It completely mystifies me how it can be done. One night in June 1992 I
was in a bed-and-breakfast in Oxford (some hard facts now, you’ll be
bored of the generalisations). I booked the B&B from the office phone.
So if they had the office bugged, or the phone system bugged, they could
have heard the call.
If it was as late as 1992 then there was already a system available to
feed digital video out of a domestic TV via the mains. Each raster of
video was preceded by a six{*word*249} bit address which identified the
television set. All that was needed was a decoder box plugged into the
mains somewhere between your room and the grid transformer. The signal
was decoded and then fed down to the phone line. They probably
even had a PC which enabled them to see the picture as well. By 1992 the
technology had moved on from slowscan to near real time video with the
advent of devices from Brooktree and Harris etc.
the newsreader reacted. Breathed deeply, as if in psychological relief.
Maybe, or perhaps as if in:-
I can't describe to you what goes through your mind when you know
someone on TV is "seeing" you the viewer.
You’re doing OK so far.
Your instinct is to switch the TV off, to change channel,
Not much point unless you switch off the TV at the mains
like an ostrich,
Looks like Ostrich farming is going to catch on in the UK as you may have seen in
some of the other uk newsgroups
The one time I did directly ask someone in the company who knew what was
going on, first he spewed wool about, "well we have to think what is
reality and what is proof anyway", then went into barefaced denial liar
mode. It opens your eyes, if they can't say out loud what they keep
saying in a disguised fashion, they must fear exposure, they must fear
the truth.
wool_ barefaced_ denial_ liar_ eyes_ fashion_ fear_ exposure,
How is your mother these days Mike?
And BTW - How is the thesis coming along?
Peter Kruger