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Re: Weird TFrame Behavior

2006-11-30 02:03:38 PM
"Hans Galema" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
Thanks for the correction
Don't you need two instances of them?
Yes, two different instances, each with its TADODataSet
DBNav has a public method BindDB?
DBNav is a control template I designed, yes it have a BindDB method
>In the Main Form I created an instance of fraA and fraB and in the
>of fraA and fraB I called the BindDB method of DBNav with a TADODataSet
>fraARS and fraBRS both created with the new operator.

Who is creating DBNav and when? What are fraARS and fraBRS ? You did
not explain that or I did not understand.
The main form created the fraA and fraB, - fraA and fraB have the DBNav ctrl
template place on them at design time, in their constructor at run time i
called their BindDB method each with a different recordset.
The Weird behavior is that both frames (fraA and fraB) always bind to the
last recordset I used, what I had excepted and want to do is that each
frames DBNav binds to the recordset that was used when calling its BindDB
method and not change when i call another frames BindDB method.
I hope you're clear now - so how can you help.

Re:Re: Weird TFrame Behavior

Darl wrote:
Thanks for the correction
Ok. Then there is more to be corrected:
>DBNav has a public method BindDB?
.... yes it have a BindDB method
.... yes it has ....
For the pointer: it looks that there is only one.
We /have/ to look in your code for that.