Changing system printer preferences

2007-02-01 02:53:39 AM
Greetings All,
I think the answer to my question is "You can't.", but, how do I
programmatically change a printer's global printing preferences under
XP? The reason I ask is that I'm using NiceLabel's ActiveX components
to embed label printing functionality in my application; it appears
that their print engine uses the default printing preferences, not
those local to the application. I can make printer/driver specific
changes with a TPrintDialog or TPrinterSetupDialog, and see that the
changes have been made upon subsequent openings of the dialog box, but
NiceLabel's engine continues to use the settings that one sees from
the control panel. If I delve into the registry and tweak the DEVMODE
values for the selected printer, I can get the effects I want, but
this is kludgey, arduous, stupid and likely to not work with
subsequent driver updates. And I really want to keep my customers out
of the control panel.
(I'm using Builder 6)
Any and all help is greatly appreciated!