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TActionList - OnUpdate not called

2006-12-09 04:28:28 PM
in a Form I do have a TActionList:
object ActionList: TActionList
Images = DataContainer.ImageList
OnUpdate = ActionListUpdate
Left = 440
Top = 256
object ScanFolderAction: TAction
Caption = 'Scan Folder'
ImageIndex = 0
OnExecute = ScanFolderActionExecute
object SearchTracerAction: TAction
Caption = 'Search Tracer'
ImageIndex = 1
OnExecute = SearchTracerActionExecute
Everything works except OnUpdate is never called. Also if I give each
TAction an OnUpdate-Handler they are never called.
What could be the problem?
Bye - Robert

Re:TActionList - OnUpdate not called

How does your use ScanFolderAction or SearchTracerAction? Or asked
differently, do any visual controls make use of these actions?
At least one of the actions has to be linked to a visual control in order
for the OnUpdate event to fire. If they are linked to a popup menu item
then OnUpdate will fire when the popup is displayed.
- Clayton