Re: bds2006 cpp personality large (3GB) heap apps? (answered)

2007-10-16 05:01:35 PM
summary:>2GB heap can be accessed with appropriate configurations.
According to this article:
and in combination with Bob Gonder reply (substance follows) ref'ing
Muzaffar Mahkamov post, appears answer to all questions was/is yes, with
bds2006. (cross-posted to .rtl)
Does the bds2006 cpp personality (linker?) support generating applications
marked to use windows large (3GB) heap, when it is configured as available
in the OS? If so, how to enable?
See Subject: 3 Gigs for Applications
in b.p.cppbuilder.language.cpp this week. [ed. posted oct. 8-9 2007]
See help for Linker PE File Options.
"dhoke" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message

RTL-related questions:
Does the static library heap manager support>2GB of heap?
Does the (provided) dynamic library (borlndmm.dll add-in) support>2GB of
Are there any known replacement dynamic library add-ins that support>2GB
of heap?