FINALLY fixed - Re: mysterious linker error - cannot find executable second time I run a program (after no changes)

2007-12-04 11:19:39 PM
I discovered by accident (I stumbled upon Windows process explorer and found
the truth) that TeaTimer.exe was blocking certain executables from Borland.
TeaTimer is part of some free software I have running (Spybot Search and
Destroy) so in case anyone ever has this issue in the future and is running
something like this, look into it. Thanks for the help you all offered a
few months ago.
"William" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
I've been using C++ Builder for years now (I have version 5 these days)
without problems. However, on my laptop the past two days, every new
project I create, I can compile and run it once no problem. Without
changing the code, if I run it again, I get a linker error that says it
cannot find the .exe file. This .exe file that was created in the first
is still sitting exactly where it should be but the linker cannot find it.
Just as irritatingly, I cannot delete the .exe file unless I reboot the
computer. Fortunately, my desktop is not having these problems, so for
moment I am okay, but has anyone seen this? I'm at a loss to understand
what happened.
The interesting thing is that old projects that I've been working on for a
while compile and run just as they should with none of these linker