problem with codeguard and client data sets

2004-11-06 02:18:23 AM
Our application uses client data sets to store some persistent data in a
file. We are using CPB6 with the latest updates.
When we build and run the application with codeguard enabled we get hundreds
(if not thousands) of codeguard resource type mismatch errors reporting an
object was expected. The common feature seems to be destructor functions in
the bowels of the CDS libraries that call delete (actually ____org_delete)
for objects that were allocated elsewhere in the bowels of the library using
new[]. I have attached several screen captures showing examples of the types
of errors being reported. I used screen captures because there is no
way to copy the text from the codeguard log window.
Our application seems to run correctly with codeguard disabled (but I
understand that doesn't mean there aren't really memory leaks etc). It also
runs correctly with code guard enabled, it just takes a very long time to
dump all these errors when the application starts.
Can anyone explain why we are getting these errors? Can anyone explain how
to have codeguard ignore errors in Borland's CDS libraries?
Dennis Cote
PS I had to delete the attached files because my posting was rejected with
them. I can send them directly to anyone who might want to look at them.