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Error E2141 - Declaration syntax error

2004-04-15 02:37:06 AM
I'm writing a command line based utility that calls one function from a
third-party DLL. I have included the third-party's header in my code
"3party.h". Borland compiler 5.5 complains that there are numerous
declaration syntax errors in the header file. The offending declarations
begin with "CFUNCTIONSDLLCALLS int FAR PASCAL". The function that I am
calling is declared as such. I assume the compiler is unaware of the
"CFUNCTIONSDLLCALLS" type, and probably "FAR PASCAL" as well, so it is
complaining. If this is true, how can I make the compiler aware of this
particular type? If I'm wrong in my assumption, what is alternate
explanation and solution?
Thank you in advance.

Re:Error E2141 - Declaration syntax error

This newsgroup is for C++ Builder installation problems. Your problem is
about using a third-party tool on a successfully installed C++ Builder.
Please direct your browser at and read the
newsgroup descriptions and guidelines. This will help you find the appropriate
newsgroup for your question.
When posting there, be sure to post a minimal (<50 lines) but complete
program that let's other see what you are seeing when they throw it at their