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Re: bcc 5.02 command line v. ide

2004-12-11 09:33:26 AM
I find the GPL a bit insulting to me. And I find little free speech in it.
I find it rather dominating.

Re:Re: bcc 5.02 command line v. ide

David Morris wrote:
For example the first item on Zues FAQ says:

"Does the purchase of Zeus entitle me to free upgrades?
No, the Zeus upgrade is not free of charge."...

This raises enough red flags that if something is broken I am
going to have to pay for it, and keep paying till it is right
While the wording of the FAQ page is 100% correct this is not the
full story. Zeus upgrades are not free of charge, but if any serious
bug is reported then the user will get a free upgrade. A serious
bug is categorized as any form of data corruption, any type of
unexpected behaviour or any program crash.
Zeus upgrades are not free because most upgrades contain feature
enhancements and contain very little in the way of bug fixes. This
is clearly highlighted in the history.txt that is part of the
instalation. Zeus is nearly 10 years old and in that time it has
developed into a very stable product.
Jussi Jumppanen -