prebuilt libraries for bds/turbo c++

2007-03-27 02:10:57 PM
I have started a new website to share pre-built libraries for BDS. This is
much like
DevPaks used in Dev-C++. With my association with wxDevC++/DevC++, I have
seen that having pre-built libraries helps newbies to start using the IDE as
quickly as possible. Since most of the projects offer VC++ projects it seems
very easy for the newbies to start using it. Hope we can substitute the lack
of BDS projects in popular libraries with pre-built libraries. If you are
interested in contributing a pre-built library, please have a look at
I hope this will make more people to consider BDS/Turbo C++ instead of VC++.
I have created a program to help facilitate the package creation, hope
someone can check and see how it works. You can also submit the list of
projects that cannot be compiled with the BDS compiler. I have also
submitted 3 pre-built package that I typically use(wxWidgets, Sqlite and
TinyXML). Hope others can start contributing the libraries.