Re: BCB 6 - Slow to start running app

2006-06-08 06:50:49 PM
Maybe, but the delay was AFTER the compile screen had closed.
So I see the compile screen, the code compiles, the screen
closes and then I get the delay. If it was a parsing delay I
would expect to see that delay as it is compiling.
It would be nice to nail the problem but for now I have a
solution and lots of other priorities. :/
Thanks for the response.
Craig Farrell < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote:

>I'm a little confused though because I've always had Class
>Explorer loaded before (I've never really used it but it has
>always just been there).

Maybe the Class Explorer option to parse all
included headers (angle-bracket includes) versus
only double-quoted includes was somehow turned ON?
(it is not the default).