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TEdit with negative floats (Ref: TEdit right align and numbers)

"Hawk" asked about limiting a TEdit to just numbers, and I have had
a similar need.  The CSpinEdits don't allow decimal points, so my
previous applications have been real kluges.

So based on the thread "TEdit right align and numbers" I solved a
long-standing need and figured I would share it.  Sorry, but I haven't
addressed the right-justify part of the question yet.

This allows a TEdit to accept only numbers, but allows editing
using the backspace key along with the arrow keys and cursor.  
Also, it allows only a single decimal point and a minus sign at the

Hopefully, this is an idiot-proof way to provide input of numbers
only, including negatives and decimals, so that a FloatToStr call
won't return an error.

If someone wants to validate this and let me know, I would
appreciate it.

void __fastcall TForm1::Edit1KeyPress(TObject *Sender, char &Key)
  bool minus_OK,period_OK=true;
    for(int i=1;i<(Edit1->Text.Length()+1);i++){
  if(!((isdigit(Key))||((Key==45)&&minus_OK)||((Key==46)&&period_OK)||(Key==8))){Key=0;} // 45 is a minus, 46 is a period, 8 is a backspace



Re:TEdit with negative floats (Ref: TEdit right align and numbers)

After posting, I realized that I left in an unnecessary line:


I was doing some other things when testing the procedure which
made that check a necessity and then just forgot to remove it.

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