Anchors in BCB5 vs. BCB4

I noticed that the Anchors property works fairly differently in BCB5 than in
BCB4.  Its seems that components are moved in an amount proportional to
their initial position.  Now when I make a nice form it looks good until I
resize it.  Labels that I
have next to test boxes are not near each other when at any size other than
the designed size.

Does anybody have a nice technique for how to make forms resize properly so
that all the labels and and other components stay together and lined?  This
is really bringing my project down and I hate to go back to BCB4 when BCB5
is here.

This really is part of the larger question of how to make forms that do the
right thing under different font sizes and resolutions.  This task was only
a bit of a hassle under BCB4 once I figured it out, but unfortunately my
techniques do not work under BCB5.

Thanks for anything,


Jim Beck
NavCom Technology, Inc.