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Class explorer (should be crash explorer)

I am finding that the class explorer is almost unusable. I get regular
GPFs in the explorer. For example, I added a constructor to a form and
thought 'I know I'll add the definition to the class with the
explorer'. So I right clicked the class name and filled in a
constructor. It then added another empty constructor in my code.
That's okay, my mistake for not realising it did it that way. So I
deleted the one it had placed. The explorer did not notice and moving
the mouse near the name causes a GPF! This is pretty simple stuff

As an aside I recieved a letter from Borland (UK) offering 'as a
registered developer you can now buy C++ Builder 3 Client/Server for
799. While stocks last!'. Does this mean that they are trying to dump
all there version 3 products on unsuspecting users (V4 is not in their
price list), or have they withdrawn BCB4 as too buggy?

Robert Chafer


Re:Class explorer (should be crash explorer)

I should add that I was contacted by Tools Factory, the producers of
the Class Explorer asking me about the problem. I told them what I did
and they responded within the day (today a Sunday) saying they had
found and fixed the problem. Nice to see someone is trying (and

Robert Chafer

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