ActiveX Control Instance

Hi all!

I've prototyped an ActiveX control in VB, and because of some performance
problems and hassles with the VB runtime I convinced my boss to let me buy
C++ Builder and I'm reimplementing the control.

One thing that magically happened in VB was that I could persist data in a
"property bag," which was magically linked to instances of my control.  For
instance, I stored settings related to the control (display value, etc).  In
Visual C++'s dialog editor (and presumably elsewhere, though I haven't
tried) I could create, say, three controls and set their properties from my
property page.  When I ran the dialog, each control "remembered" its

Does anybody know how to implement this behaviour in C++ Builder?  I suppose
I could add a method to the control that forced it to save its settings in
the registry, given a key, but then I'd lose my ability to set such things
via the control properties in the dialog editor.

There is no way I'll convince the company to let me migrate the whole
project to C++ Builder, although my next project will probably use VCL
instead of this MFC/API mix we currently use. :-)


Tim Dixon, Software Engineer
PHD, Inc.