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Actions and Action lists

I have read through the section in the Developer's Guide on actions and
action lists at least a dozen times and still I have little clue on how
this all works. This must be one of the worst pieces of computer
software documentation I have ever seen. Does anybody know of an
explanation of Actions that actually makes sense and replaces the
Developer's Guide gibberish ? Such simple things as how actions get
linked to clients and targets would be nice to know and a decent
explanation of actions in general would be even better. Borland should
be ashamed of the documentation on actions that they have perpetrated in
the Developer's Guide even though the idea of actions sounds good. I
would love to know how they work.

Re:Actions and Action lists

Edward Diener wrote:
> Does anybody know of an
> explanation of Actions

If you create a new application based on the MDI Application template
you will find that there is an action list component linked to the
mainmenu component, and it's vivible at design-time. Then right-clicking
on the action list there's an option to edit the list.

Check the properties and you'll find the information you need I hope,
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