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A bug in Canvas->Rectangle ?

When I use the following

    PaintBox1->Canvas->Pen->Width = 1;
    PaintBox1->Canvas->Pen->Style = psSolid;
    PaintBox1->Canvas->Pen->Mode =  pmCopy;
    PaintBox1->Canvas->Brush->Style = bsClear;


in the PaintBox1 OnPaint handler, I get a rectangle with an extra pixel
at the bottom left corner:

  |            |

What is going on?  I recently installed builder 4 (standard ed.) on a
new pentium system and then used the builder update pack vers. 2 for bug



Re:A bug in Canvas->Rectangle ?

I have also noticed that this happens with rectangles that are drawn in my copy
of Corel's Quattro Pro vers. 8, for example, when editing a cell, there is a
black outline rectange with an extra pixel at the bottom left corner ?!  Can I
assume then, that this is a Windows operating system problem and not something
wrong with Builder?


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