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ANN: TMS January 2008 updates

2008-01-14 10:59:24 PM
We're e{*word*277}d to inform about new updates available at
TMS TAdvStringGrid v4.0:
A major update to our feature-rich grid component is available now. It
contains tons of new features & capabilities and various improvements. Full
details can be found at
TMS Grid Pack v3.5:
TAdvStringGrid v4.0 and its descendent components TAdvColumnGrid,
TAdvSpreadGrid, TDBAdvGrid, TAdvGridWorkbook are all available now in the
TMS Grid Pack v3.5 update. See
TMS Component Pack v4.6:
The new version v4.6 with all latest versions of our components, including
the new TAdvStringGrid v4.0, is available now as a free update for all
active CBuilder Developers. Users with an expired registration can obtain a
40% discount for renewing for a full new version cycle of free updates &
free support.
TMS Unicode Component Pack v1.5.1.0
A free update is available now for active CBuilder Developers. It includes
improved handling of internationalization with keyboard shortcuts in menus.
TMS Advanced ToolBars & Menus v3.5.1.0
The latest update for the TMS Office 2003 / Office 2007 style toolbars &
menus is available now. Check for
TMS TAdvMemo v2.1.3.11
An update of our syntax highlighting memo suite is available now at
TMS TWebUpdate v2.0.3.4
Our internet based automatic application updater has been updated as well.
It offers Windows Vista UAC compatible automatic EXE, DLL & other
application component updating. Details can be found at
TMS TAdvOutlookList v1.5.3.0
Various new capabilities have been added to the TMS Outlook style list
component. Full details and trial version can be downloaded from
TMS TAdvDBLookupComboBox v1.6
This update offers finer control on the display of the grid header in the
dropdown list. It now offers rotated text and separate alignment control.
Through an event, it is now also possible to control selection of rows in
the grid dynamically. The newest version of TAdvDBLookupComboBox can be
found at
Kind regards,
Bruno Fierens
TMS software
Productivity components for Windows, .NET, IntraWeb development

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"Bruno Fierens []" wrote in message
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TMS Component Pack v4.6:
The new version v4.6 with all latest versions of our components, including
FYI I already posted this to TMS NG: the splash screen in Turbo Delphi Pro
sill shows version 4.5