Re: Updating TTable (database) index files after adding a record

2003-09-30 04:25:17 AM
I would appreciate some help on how to update the index files for a Paradox
database using a BCB 5.0 TTable data access component. I can add a data
record with no problem using the TTable->Post() function but this doesn't
update the index files and I can no longer sort the table after doing the
post. There has got to be a way to accomplish this but I can find nothing in
the help files.
Goto Tools->Database Desktop, and open your table.
Goto Table->Restructure, and look at the Table properties.
choose secondary indexes, and choose the fields to index.
A couple of things....(Its been a while here, so my memory may be rusty).
the fields must be in sequential order and the very top fields of the Dbase.
Then on your table or program line you can "choose" what index you
it sorted by.
Form1->Table1->IndexFieldNames="name of field you chose to index";