Insert ActiveX in Borland

2006-07-07 11:24:17 PM
I hope somehone will help me ...
I have Installed Borland Developer Studio 2006.
Is there any way a ComponentOne chart into a form in a C++ project?
I create a .bpl project (New Project ->Package)
Then i click:
'Component' ->'Import Component' ->'Import ActiveX Control'
Then I select the correct .ocx
and then I check 'add unit to package.bdsproj project'
Now I would like to compile my .bpl project and then install it using
wizard 'Component' ->'Install Package' in order to insert
ComponentOne icon in 'Tool Palette'.
My trouble is that .bpl doesn't compile:
[C++ Error] C1Chart2D7_TLB.h(10071): E2285 Could not find a match for
'ITitle_Dual::get_Font(IFontDisp * *)'
[C++ Error] C1Chart2D7_TLB.h(11697): E2285 Could not find a match for
'IAxis_Dual::get_Font(IFontDisp * *)'
Someone coult tell me what is wrong and what should I do??