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livefiew fingerid VCL from SDK

2005-02-16 07:46:28 PM
i bought a fingerprince reader (livefiew fingerid)
The cd contains a map with SDK's
Dous someone have a vcl for this devioce?
how can i make a VCL or how can i use the SDK in Borland Cbuilder?
N. Karademir

Re:livefiew fingerid VCL from SDK

N. Karademir wrote:
how can i make a VCL or how can i use the SDK in Borland Cbuilder?
You can't make "a VCL" - VCL is an acronym for "Visual Component
Library" :)
You probably mean that you want to make a VCL /component/.
It's possible that someone might have already done that but I doubt it.
For a hardware device there's little to be gained and a lot to be lost
by trying to control it through the Borland Object Inspector. The idea
of pinning Builder's stability on some external proprietary hardware
and leaving it at the mercy of a programmer trying to play with that
hardware sounds like a recipe for disaster.
I would suggest you look at the documentation and do what it says for
normal development environments. This would all have to be done by your
VCL component anyway so once you've worked out how to do that you might
as well stop. I really don't think there'd be much gained by going
further and wrapping all that up inside yet more complicated code.
If you have difficulty using the SDK you should probably contact the
company who published it for support. You can ask here and if it's an
obvious everyday C++/linkage issue we can probably help but anything
specific to that SDK needs to be handled by the company who wrote it.
Andrue Cope [TeamB]
[Bicester, Uk]